WJXN-FM 100.9


Mornings 5am-11am

Tony Zazza

Born and raised in San Diego, Tony grew up dreaming of being a professional baseball player. In college however in between classes he got hired to write for MTV and also took a job at the local radio station. Before he knew it he was working for major market radio stations, winning awards, like the On-Air Personality of the Year by AWRT (American Women in Radio and Television) and nominated for On-Air Personality of the Year by R&R (Radio and Records) and The RMA’s (Radio Music Awards). Tony loves to play golf, cook, entertain, swim, and spend time with family, friends, and his 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Afternoons 11am-5pm

Ms. Eklass

Cue the Fresh Prince theme music. In good old Indianapolis, born and raised, by a radio is where Ms. Eklass spent most of her days! She’d listen to everything from Stevie Wonder to Jay Z and everything in between. Ms. Eklass actually got her start as a TV personality before getting into radio. Aside from the media she’s obsessed with Beyoncé, Harry Potter and Marvel (yes she’s a Marvel chick). Ms. Eklass enjoys anything girly, listening to music, writing, shopping (what lady doesn't), watching romantic comedies n chick flicks, and day dreaming! Oh and, did we mention she’s a proud mom of two boys, and one girl. Babysitter anyone?

Nights 5pm-11pm


Marcus loves sports and entertainment news! If the people are talking about it, he’s talking about it. He’s very opinionated. Sarcasm is his second language. He loves cracking jokes, can’t get enough of all genres of music, and he’s such a man's man when he’s watching movies it's usually all about action and superheroes. If Marcus isn’t watching ESPN, he’s usually tuning into the Food Network because he loves to cook and eat! You can also catch him playing video games. He’s a hardcore gamer. But most of all, Marcus’ greatest love is being father.